Avocat Alcool au Volant: Protect Yourself

You might not be aware of how common drinking and driving accidents are or who is at risk. Drunk driving accidents are not limited to adults. In 2008 one out of every 7 drivers killed in a drunk driving accident was under the age of 21. This is below the legal drinking age. Car accidents happen for all kinds of reasons, but when things like alcohol and texting are involved those are accidents that can easily be prevented by simply abstaining from the dangerous activity. But even if you know not to drink and drive you may do something unexpected after having a few drinks.Click over here avocat alcool au volant.

Driving after drinking is illegal and measured by the blood alcohol content of the driver. Unfortunately some people break the law and get behind the wheel. The first rule is never to drink if you know you have to drive afterwards. These tips will help you stay in control of the situation and avoid making a bad choice:

-Drink only one alcoholic drink every hour. This gives your body enough time to metabolize the alcohol.
-Do not assume that because you only have beer you are good to drive, a drink is a drink and you should not drive after drinking.
-Take turns being the designated driver for the evening. Only do this with people you really trust. Or arrange to be picked up from a party by a sober friend or parent if you plan to drink.
-Keep the phone number of a taxi service in your wallet along with an emergency $20.
-Do not participate in drinking games. They encourage over-consumption and can easily get out of control.
-Drinking and driving accidents do not just put the driver at risk. Passengers, pedestrians and other drivers on the road are all in danger when someone gets behind the wheel after drinking.

According to the Drunk Driving Prevention page of BloodAlcoholContent.Org, 20% of fatal accidents are caused because of drinking and driving. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated can be a life altering decision. You could be charged with a DUI and have your license taken away or if you cause an accident that leaves someone injured or dead you may be facing some very serious criminal charges.

If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by another person drinking and driving then you can seek compensation from the driver and their insurance company. Driving drunk is negligent and puts lives in danger. Speaking to a car accident attorney will help you understand your rights and your options after being injured by a drunk driver.