iPhone Screen Protectors – How To Choose The One Best For You

There are two main reasons you want to buy one, or more, iPhone screen protectors. The first one is for protection of the screen against scratches and stains. The second is to embellish and personalize your iPhone.More tips here best iphone screen protectors.

You might have looked already at the wide range of iPhone 4 cases available on the market, but an iPhone screen protector has several advantages compared to them.

Localized Protection
The most used part on your iPhone is the screen, so its protection should be your first priority. Cases typically leave this part completely unprotected when the appliance is in use, not really what you want.

The next advantage is that the clear film adheres directly, without any gap, to the screen, whilst a case, due to its nature, always have a gap between itself and your electronic gadget. And this gap will allow dust and dirt to enter easily. To avoid scratches, you will have to remove the iPhone regularly from its case, clean out and put things back together.

Personalized Look
You want to distinguish yourself from other users, and also recognize your own phone quickly if there are several on a table. Cases can be often a bit dull in their design, but skins are available in all imaginable colors and designs, making it easy for you to choose a truly unique one.

Additionally you can even make a customized one your self. There are companies that will allow you to upload your own pictures and images so you can design your very own screen protector. After you are happy with your work, you can order it directly from this websites and they will ship it to your home. This way you end up with a iPhone screen protector that nobody else in the whole world has. While this isn’t cheap, it’s a way to show the world your creativeness through you iPhone.